The Spanish translation for the word “big” is “grande”.

How to pronounce “grande” in Spanish:

Sounds like – grahn-day

Listen to the audio pronunciation:

Practice the Spanish translation for “big” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Elephants have big ears.

Los elefantes tienen orejas grandes.

Example 2:
My biggest dream is to become a famous writer.

Mi sueño más grande es convertirme en un escritor famoso.

Example 3:
I would love to have a big garden in my house.

Me encantaría tener un gran jardín en mi casa.

Example 4:
Your piece of cake is bigger than mine.

Tu pedazo de pastel es más grande que el mío.

Do you know any other words in Spanish to say “big”?


– David Corcoran

Another word for big in Spanish would be a short form “gran”…..

tomorrow is a big day for Sandra, she is becoming a Canadian citizen!

mañana es un gran dia para Sandra, va a convertirse en una ciudadana canadiense!

If you want to say something is very big, you would say “muy grande”, however, you could also say “grandísimo”.

– Cecilia

“Enorme” is the word for huge.

Elephants have hug ears.
Los elefantes tienen orejas enormes.


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