The Spanish translation for the word “back” is “espalda”, when it refers to the body part. When used as an adverb you use the words  “atrás”, “de vuelta” o “regresar”.

How to pronounce “espalda” in Spanish:
Sounds like – es-pahl-dah

Listen to the audio pronunciation:

Practice the Spanish translation for “back” using these sentences:
Example 1:
I have an itch in my back.

Tengo comezón en mi espalda.

Example 2:
Please, sit down in the back of the car.

Por favor, siéntese en la parte de atrás del auto.

Example 3:
Call me back as soon as you get my message.

Llámame de vuelta tan pronto escuches mi mensaje.

Example 4:
I want to go back home for Christmas.

Quiero regresar a casa para Navidad.

Do you know the Spanish Word for Backpack?

– David Corcoran

One way to say backpack in Spanish is “morral”.

His backpack was full with books for school

Su morral estaba lleno con libros para la escuela

There are many translations for the word back! I’m going to try a few examples…

I need to go back to the office

Tengo que regresar a la oficina

Everyone is in the back of the house

Todos están en la parte de atrás de la casa

– cecilia guajardo

Yes, this is a tricky word, because it has different meanings.
Here is another example:

I’ll be right back.
Vuelvo enseguida.

The word for backpack is “mochila”.

– agua_luna

I will be back !!! = “Regresare”

– Cecilia

Yes, another word for backpack is “mochila”.

Yes, like Terminator… I’ll be back…
and Hasta la vista, baby! Which means, See you soon!


Tłumaczenie słowa: z powrotem, wycofać się, z powrotem

Brytyjska transkrypcja: ˈbæk

Brytyjska wymowa:

Amerykańska transkrypcja: bæk

Amerykańska wymowa: